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Network = Necessity

The home network is quite possibly the most important foundational system in your home and has moved from a requirement to a necessity – right up there with power and running water! We’re all connected and there are more devices being added within the home daily. Let us deliver enterprise-grade, reliable Wi-Fi and networking that will bring you greater speed, reliability and reduce frustration. With larger homes that include both indoor and outdoor spaces, we can add the proper number of access points to meet your Wi-Fi needs and ensure you’re able to roam freely with no interruptions or dead zones.

Curated Apps

Our worlds are littered with apps. Most are useful, some essential.  But when it comes to control of your home environment, does having 8-10 apps help or hurt? It's not that much different than having a pile of remote controls on your coffee table that few in the household can navigate? Instead: imagine a single app that can pull together all the essential functions of your home; TVs, music, cameras, HVAC, security, lighting, shades. We can curate a whole world to be controlled by one, single app (and touch!) 

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 4.52.38 PM.png

System Integration

What is system integration, and why should you care? Whether we like to admit it or not, technology has become central to our everyday lifestyle. Listening to music on the patio, watching the news in the Great Room or a game at the Bar, looking at camera footage of packages dropped at your doorstep; these are all small parts of our everyday interaction with technology. But what if there was a way to organize all of that activity? What if the Wi-Fi, music, TVs – everything worked in harmony, instead of as separate entities? Technology should make our lives easier, not be a source of frustration. And that's what system integration can do for you.

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