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How We Do It

Any size home, any type of project (new construction or renovation), or even specific, dedicated spaces like media rooms or outdoor areas — all can be magically transformed by technology.

Any and every interest you have can be accommodated: incredible sound, eye-popping screen entertainment, lighting that makes your life look like a movie, and more.

And lastly, you can know precisely what you want OR you can have no idea what's even possible. We let you into our world from Day 1, in order to create one for you that lasts.

Most importantly, at Denizen, a few things stay the same no matter who the client or what the project. See below for our core values.


We are genuine and passionate about what we do, from the first phone call through every phase of a project.

Project Pathways

At Denizen, we handle a wide range of projects that vary greatly in scope and budget. We’ve developed distinct systems and processes to meet the challenges of each project, creating a consistency to our approach and your experience working with our team. While every project remains unique, we’ve found these overall pathways to be a helpful framework for clients to begin to imagine how we will work together. Explore the descriptions below and let us know what sounds like the best fit for you!

Or, if you're not sure, but would like to discuss a new project with us, simply email



Drawing upon our decades of experience, we proudly present the best pre-engineered electronics solutions on the market. We have carefully crafted these systems to meet the demands of our discerning clientele in the most desired categories of home technology. These systems perform beyond their price-tag, are aesthetically pleasing and built for reliability. All things considered, Carbon Systems represent unprecedented value.

• Choose from our most popular engineered solutions
• Move quickly from design to contract
• Standard engineering documents available quickly
• 1 -year parts and labor warranty
• Eligible for our Level 1 and Level 2 Client Care plans



We thrive in a world of customization, working with architects, designers and builders to craft unique solutions that are perfectly tailored to you and your environment. The process starts with us discovering what’s important to you, showing you what’s possible, and then providing a range of options that will best suit your goals. We work closely with you to create the best systems given your overall design and cost parameters. This is the heart of what we do. This is Onyx.

• Custom designed solutions within budgetary goals
• More in-depth design process
• Custom engineering documents + elevations
• 1-year parts and labor warranty
• Level 1 Client Care plan included
• Eligible for Level 2 Client Care plan



This is our “blank sheet of paper” project tier. Where we think outside the box together and only pursue the best of the best. If you enjoy the finest things in life and wish to be transported to a magical kingdom within your residence, we can make it happen. We spend significant time with you dreaming of possibilities, and all the ways we can make our systems provide a more memorable, reliable and unique experience in your home. Our design process is focused on achieving your goals and the pricing for the solutions follows suit. Only the most exclusive are Diamond clients and will enjoy extended ownership benefits, warranty and service.

• One-of-a-kind solutions within performance goals
• Design process includes various system iterations
• Custom engineering documents + 3D renderings
• 2-year parts and labor warranty 
• Level 2 Client Care plan included
• Eligible for Customized Client Care plan


No problem! Just drop a line to our team and we'll help guide your journey. 

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