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What We Do

At Denizen, we integrate stunning technology with architecture and interior design to provide memorable experiences that enhance the way you live and relate in a space. The process and the tools we use are complex, but the end results are simple and can be felt by all.

We work closely with you as a technology partner, starting every project with a consultation phase, continuing with project managers and well- trained technicians, and finishing with a dedicated service staff to handle ongoing needs. This is far different than a small shop that could disappear tomorrow or is more focused on quantity of projects rather than quality of the finished product.

Our industry is complicated and ever-changing. You want a team that will stay at the forefront and continue to deliver the best-in-class solutions, and be able to service them as well. We stick by our clients for years after completion to ensure they always have the experience of their home feels like their own personal world.


Photo courtesy of Specht Architects


We get into some additional detail on the pages below, which cover the major categories of our work. Explore each "world" below to learn more:

Custom Lighting Plans

Automated Shades

Bespoke Shading & Drapery

Music Everywhere

Private Cinema & Media Rooms

Hidden TVs + Invisible Speakers

Outdoor Lighting, Audio & Entertainment
Digital Displays & Art

Whole-Home Control Systems

Secure Networks & Phenomenal WiFi

Security & Surveillance

Electrified Glass

Battery Backup and Power Quality Solutions

Lighting Control

Health and Wellness

Did we miss something?

If you're dreaming of any sort of technology design project, but don't see it on our list, just let us know. Our team delights in new ideas, challenges and the trust to explore and bring your vision to life.
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