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Music Everywhere

Making sure your home has phenomenal music and sound is one of the things the Denizen team is most passionate about. And we're big believers that music should be heard and not seen. Don't get us wrong, we love amazing Hi-Fi and Old School options as much as the next audiophile, but we excel in high-end, flush or completely invisible speakers that take their cue from thoughtful lighting. For example, can you spot the speakers in this photo? Just barely? We believe that's exactly how it should be. 

When speakers are placed strategically and discreetly, even in often overlooked spaces like hallways and outdoor areas, you will be blown away by the experience. Music will suddenly both surround you and follow you as though coming from everywhere, and nowhere. No volume hotspots. No dead zones. Just your own personal soundtrack for everyday life.

Watch it ALL

This is about what you like to watch, always. But it's also about where you watch and when. There's literally no limit to what we can do with TVs: from the thinnest panels and screens that appear to be artwork until the TV is accessed, to screens that completely disappear when you're not watching them. 

We can create a space fully customized to how you like to relax, entertain, and enjoy your favorite shows, movies, sports and more. Let's create an experience worth melting into the couch over, time and time again.


Private Theater

For many, movies are woven into our lives. They create memories, emotional experiences, challenge our imagination and bring us together with family and friends. Creating a perfect space to experience what the director intended is an art in itself. Consult the experts at bringing the movie theater experience... home.

Backyard Oasis

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice function or convenience when enjoying a sunset dinner with family and friends. Everything we can do inside your home can be brought outside, to a whole additional world of wonder. Hidden sound systems, stunning illumination with automated lighting, poolside lighting and fountains, even temperature control, all with property-wide Wi-Fi, privacy and security – it's all possible. Let us help you explore customized solutions for all your outdoor technology needs.

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