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Drawing upon our decades of experience, we are proud to connect you with the best pre-engineered electronics solutions on the market. Theis a carefully crafted approach to introduce discerning clientele to the most attractive categories of home technology. These systems perform beyond their price-tag, are aesthetically pleasing and built for reliability. We love this program because it’s where we see our clients become truly “stuck” on how a thoughtful technology plan can transform their whole world.

What you can expect:

Phase 1

  • Discover client preferences and vision

  • Lay out device locations on plans and choose solutions from range of pre-engineered options

  • Present overall budget, and scope at 1st meeting

  • Initial deposit based on approved scope & budget

  • Project Kickoff is scheduled

Phase 2

  • Present any revisions, full contract and engineering documents based on selections 

  • Begin coordination with design and construction team

  • Introduce project manager and discuss next steps for scheduling our work 

  • Begin handoff to Operations department

Phase 3

  • Walk the site with client, project manager and necessary design or construction team

  • Begin work on site

  • Handoff to Operations complete

  • Complete all work on time and on budget

  • Provide a full tour and demo

  • Follow up, customize long-term service plan

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