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We thrive in the custom world, working with architects, designers, and builders to craft unique solutions that are perfectly tailored to you and your environment. And this process is where we aim to truly knock you out with what’s possible, discovering what’s most important to you and providing a range of options that will best suit your vision. We work closely with you to design a truly unique system given your overall design aesthetic, preferences and cost parameters. This is our A-Game: we roll up our sleeves and go hard to bring you the biggest win.

What you can expect:

Phase 1

  • Assess client system needs

  • Lay out device locations on plans

  • Establish rough budget range

  • Kickoff meeting is scheduled

Phase 2

  • Present range of options

  • Select options from within the range that best suit desired performance and budget

  • Schedule 3rd meeting

Phase 3

  • Present revision and contract based on selected options

  • Collect deposit to begin detailed engineering and coordination with clients’ design and construction team

  • Introduce project manager and discuss next steps for producing engineering documents and scheduling our work

  • Start handoff to Operations department

Phase 4

  • Review engineering documents and any changes with client

  • Walk the site to lay out devices in person with client, project manager and design or construction team

  • Begin work on site

  • Handoff to Operations complete

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