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Blank sheet of paper, outside the box, best of the best. If you enjoy the finest things in life and wish to dream impossible dreams for your world, we can make it happen. This is where we create whole new realms of possibility, moving beyond specific products and equipment into whole-home, unforgettable experiences. Our design process is focused on achieving legendary status and pricing for these solutions follows. Only the most exclusive are Denizen Legend clients and as a result, enjoy extended ownership benefits, warranty, and the very best of our long-term service and support plans.

What you can expect:

Phase 1

  • Discover client preferences and vision according to goals instead of budget

  • Discuss process of designing systems one by one or as a whole

  • A design retainer is agreed on in order to continue exploration of possibilities

  • First design meeting is scheduled

Phase 2
(multiple meetings)

  • Present a range of system design options, each with associated budgets 

  • Revise, refine and present as needed

  • Collaborate with clients’ design and construction team as needed to create custom solutions that blend and disappear into the design

  • As design process concludes, introduce project manager and discuss next steps for producing engineering documents and scheduling our work

  • Begin handoff to Operations department

Phase 3

  • Combine all selected system designs into a single proposal and contract amount as a revision to the design contract prior to rough-in

  • Copy to come

  • Copy to come

  • Copy to come

Phase 4

  • Walk the site with client, project manager and design or construction team

  • Begin work on site

  • Handoff to Operations complete

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